Inteliqo and Ipedia: Pioneering the Future of Intelligent Global Connectivity

Inteliqo is the exclusive global marketing and distribution agent for Ipedia Technologies. 

The relationship that has been developed between Inteliqo and ipedia goes much further than a basic supplier and distribution agreement. Inteliqo is working collaboratively with ipedia across many elements, including product development, branding, marketing, production and distribution, to ensure that it is a truly strategic alliance between the two companies.


This strategic partnership guarantees ongoing enhancements to the ipedia brand, including continuous improvements to existing products, software, and technology. Collaboratively, Inteliqo and ipedia plan for the future, envisioning cutting-edge products and technologies to ensure the brand consistently delivers intelligent solutions for consumers in their day-to-day activities.


As a result of this collaboration, Inteliqo receives a share of the revenues generated from ipedia sales, solidifying the reciprocity and shared success inherent in this collaborative venture.

iQ Buds Pro

Integrated Real-Time Speech Translation
Smart Assistant Compatibility
Advanced Connectivity
High-Quality Audio
Active Noise Cancelling

iQ Arcs Pro

Professional Microphones
Durable Design
Extended Battery Life
Comfort and Style

Revolutionary Product

Over 130 languages translated instantly
+ Music
+ Calls
+ Ai Smart Assist

Millions of conversations happen across the globe every day.

Ipedia iQ products enable users to converse effortlessly using Ai  translation technology.

iQ Buds Pro and iQ Arcs Pro come fully loaded with integrated real time speech translation in over 130 languages and your preferred smart assistant (google or siri). They also feature the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, multiple crystal-clear microphones, HD audio and Active Noise Cancelling offering you more freedom and bringing incredible clarity to your conversations and music.

Embark on an Exclusive Reseller Partnership

Inteliqo is actively seeking dedicated resellers for specified exclusive territories. This partnership involves the resellers committing to an agreement to purchase a minimum quantity of products annually for resale within their designated territory.


Upon becoming a licensed reseller, Inteliqo pledges unwavering support and ongoing engagement. We are committed to fostering a strong relationship, providing assistance with e-commerce platforms, extending sales support, and making substantial contributions to marketing efforts. Our aim is to empower you to achieve sustained, successful sales aligned with your aspirations.


Becoming an ipedia reseller isn’t just about receiving exceptional products; it’s about gaining exceptional support. We invest significant effort in cultivating and strengthening our relationships with resellers. Expect comprehensive sales support and a substantial contribution to marketing efforts within your territory, ensuring your ability to achieve long-term, sustainable sales in alignment with set targets.